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Sisters Against Rare Cervical Cancers


Symptoms of a Rare Cervical Cancer

* abdominal pain

* vaginal discharge

* abnormal menses

Often times, symptoms are dismissed by women. If you have any of these symptoms, talk to your physician. 

A blood test, CA125, often used to detect cancer markers, can be normal with these cancers. 

Facts About Rare Cervical Cancers

> less than 250 women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with a rare 

cervical cancer each year. 

> These rare cervical cancers

are not caused by HPV. 

> The only research known to help with a  treatment plan or a cure is occurring at MD Anderson in Houston, TX. 

Teal and white represents cervical cancer. 

Zebra represents how rare neuroendocrine cancer is.

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